BlendtecBlenderMany people ask if there is a difference between juicing and blending fruit/vegetables. The interesting thing, is that there is and we’ll look at it here in this article.

Juicing Fruits/Vegetables
What is juicing? In the process of juicing, both the water and nutrients in the ingredients are taken while the excess fiber is thrown away. In this respect, it may seem beneficial to juice fruits and vegetables instead of eating them as the system is taking nutrients in a more readily available manner. However, not including an acceptable amount of fiber into the food intake is not healthy. Without fiber, these nutrients get into the bloodstream very rapidly. This causes a sudden increase in blood sugar levels which has also many other consequences, especially if only fruits are being juiced. Problems such as memory loss and changing moods can be had with this method. Needless to say, people with any type of diabetes should keep these types of juices at bay for their own health. On top of that, juicing won’t satiate you which means you may end up eating more afterwards interrupting your diet in case you have one.

Blending Fruits/Vegetables
The main difference between blending and juicing fruits and vegetables is that when blending, the whole peel (fiber included) is in the smoothie. What’s more interesting is that since the peel or fiber was blended, it was broken into pieces making it highly digestible by the human organism. When fiber is mixed with nutrients, these nutrients get released in a steady manner avoiding the sudden blood sugar increase that occurs when taking a juice. On top of that, fiber itself has health benefits which aid in overall digestion. Another benefit of blending ingredients is that you get fuller than with juicing. That being said, you won’t desire to have much food or snacks – which could be unhealthy – afterwards. Here are some great high fiber filled smoothie recipes for you to check out.

As many people have asked, there is a difference between juicing and blending ingredients – and a huge one for that matter. While leaving the fiber away may seem like a positive thing, it doesn’t nourish the whole body as it should and it also causes significant health problems in the long run. On the other hand, blending them gives you the best of two worlds: you get the nutrients from veggies and fruits while at the same time having them being slowly absorbed in your system with the help of the broken pieces of fiber which will ensure you stay full for a longer of time.


kaleThere are plenty of benefits to be said when we consider Kale. It is related to broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, having the flavor similar to broccoli. Kale is one of the most nutrient rich foods, possesses beneficial phytochemicals, antioxidant properties and function as an anti-inflammatory agent also. Regular in-take of kale facilitates to lower the cholesterol and even prevents cancer also. Kale contains many essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin K, Betacarotene, Vitamin C, zeaxanthin, calcium, copper, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and fiber. The phytonutrient called sulforaphane present in kale has great anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties. When kale is chopped, chewed or blended in a green smoothie, this beneficial phytonutrient is released from kale.

Kale is a powerful antioxidant protects from ovarian cancers. Because of its excellent cleansing property, it is used in detoxifying smoothies. It also protects from cataract, promotes the heath of cardiovascular system, lungs and promotes the total immune system. The anti-inflammatory property of Kale makes it an appropriate food for the people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

When you are making a green smoothie, there is no hard and fast rule. Just you have to add raw and organic fruit and vegetables. The cabbage form Kale is quite often chosen green vegetable to make green smoothies. As kale is an excellent source of Vitamin K, it helps to mediate the health of bone and blood. It is found in a study conducted by the University of Taxes that diet with regular intake of Kale can prevent the development of bladder cancer up to the rate of 29%. If you are looking for green leafy vegetables to add to smoothie, then Kale is an appropriate one.

The benefits of kale smoothies are incredible. It is proven effective not only for weight loss but also promotes good health, intensifies energy, enhances immunity, improves the skin and much more.

Kale Smoothies promoted weight loss: The dream of a perfect body can be achieved with green kale smoothie. The presence of daily minerals and vitamins will stop craving for weight gaining items like processed food, sugar, wheat and high carbohydrate products Many people have confirmed its benefit in weight loss and it transforms the lives of the people ultimately.

Kale smoothies intensify energy: They act as energy boosters give the energy for active movements throughout the day.

Kale smoothies bring clarity and focus: They can replace morning coffee, make you caffeine free provide alertness, reduce anxiety and apprehensions.

Kale smoothies support skin improvement: Drinking of kale smoothies can provide amazing skin recovery with clear and radiant skin.

Green Kale smoothies enhance immune system: As it is rich in chlorophyll, it purifies the blood, enhance the immune system and revitalizes the whole body system.

People have found green kale smoothies play a key role in keeping people young, strong and live long. Does it not sound good? The thought of drinking a glass of green drink may make you hesitate to take the drink. But you are not the only person to have that feel. Actually Kale smoothie is not bad. The green smoothies with Kale can be made as a delicious drink with the right blend of ingredients. Here is great recipe from showing how to make a simple kale and banana smoothie.

You can be creative in making kale smoothie with vegetables and fruits as you wish and enjoy. If you do not like the taste of greens in our green kale smoothie, you can add your favorite fruits more with the smoothie. The best time to take Kale smoothie is the start of the day. With high nutrition and wide variety of antioxidant, minerals and enzymes they help to fight against any digestive problems. Actually it is a great way to have the needed veggies in a glass of green kale smoothie if you are a person avoiding leafy greens in your diet.


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