Health Benefits of Adding Strawberries to Smoothies

Strawberry SmoothieA strawberry smoothie is absolutely delicious and healthy. It is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals. The reddest strawberries have the highest levels of the above nutrients. Strawberries smoothies are delicious and you can mix them with bananas to add flavor and make a smooth texture. It is great for breakfast or as a snack.

Various health benefits from adding strawberries to smoothies

• It burns fat

Strawberries contain antocyanins which stimulates the burning of fat stored by the body. Apart from it helping the body burn fat quickly it is low in calories and has high fiber, which makes digestion efficient.

• Lowers risks of heart disease

When you eat strawberries regularly you add antocyanins to your body, which helps reduce heart attacks by over 32 %. 3 servings of strawberries weekly ensures you children and the elderly have healthy cardiovascular health for a long time. They are rich in polyphenol
that reduce risk of a cardiovascular disease by preventing a build up of platelet.

• A natural anti-inflammatory

Strawberries also contain a flavonoid referred to as quercetin. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that reduce atherosclerosis risks and also mitigates risks posed by low density Liprotein cholesterol.

• Lowers chances of a stroke

The high content of potassium in it helps reduce the chance of having a stroke. The antioxidants quercetin, antocycyanin and kaempferol help reduce the formation of blood clots which are the main cause of stroke.

• Keeps your teeth strong

The polyphenol in strawberries prevent starch from being stored in your teeth. It enhances faster breakdown of starch so the sugary starch don’t cause teeth disentengration. It also helps prevent bacteria and gum disease which are detrimental to your teeth health.

• Alleviates symptoms of allergies and asthma

Symptoms of allergies like a running noise, watery eyes and hives among others can be reduced by quercetin. Quercetin and the vitamin C help alleviate these annoying symptoms and keep on the low.

• Helps negate effects of high blood pressure

Due to their high content of potassium they help those with high blood pressure by regulating the sodium they take in. Potassium acts as a counter effect to sodium which poses great risk to people with high blood pressure.

• Reduces risk of cancer

The antioxidants that are in large supplies help fight free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for abnormal growths and destruction of health cells. Thus they help prevent tumor and inflammation of the cells that could lead to cancer.

• Helps with depression

It helps prevent formation of homocyatein, which prevents blood and other essential nutrients to the brain. This is enabled by a substance called folate. Homocysteine is responsible for interfering with the production of hormones that help you feel good. This includes serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. These are responsible for your good mood, appetite and sleep. The above help prevent stress and depression.

The good thing about strawberries or strawberry smoothie is that they are really delicious. The folate is good for pregnant women and also reduces risk of degenerative disease. Studies show that rheumatoid arthritis medication depletes folic acid in the body. So for those using these medication strawberries would be beneficial for you. The health benefits of strawberries are too many that why it is one of the most important fruit.