Is Blending Ingredients Healthier Than Juicing Them?

BlendtecBlenderMany people ask if there is a difference between juicing and blending fruit/vegetables. The interesting thing, is that there is and we’ll look at it here in this article.

Juicing Fruits/Vegetables
What is juicing? In the process of juicing, both the water and nutrients in the ingredients are taken while the excess fiber is thrown away. In this respect, it may seem beneficial to juice fruits and vegetables instead of eating them as the system is taking nutrients in a more readily available manner. However, not including an acceptable amount of fiber into the food intake is not healthy. Without fiber, these nutrients get into the bloodstream very rapidly. This causes a sudden increase in blood sugar levels which has also many other consequences, especially if only fruits are being juiced. Problems such as memory loss and changing moods can be had with this method. Needless to say, people with any type of diabetes should keep these types of juices at bay for their own health. On top of that, juicing won’t satiate you which means you may end up eating more afterwards interrupting your diet in case you have one.

Blending Fruits/Vegetables
The main difference between blending and juicing fruits and vegetables is that when blending, the whole peel (fiber included) is in the smoothie. What’s more interesting is that since the peel or fiber was blended, it was broken into pieces making it highly digestible by the human organism. When fiber is mixed with nutrients, these nutrients get released in a steady manner avoiding the sudden blood sugar increase that occurs when taking a juice. On top of that, fiber itself has health benefits which aid in overall digestion. Another benefit of blending ingredients is that you get fuller than with juicing. That being said, you won’t desire to have much food or snacks – which could be unhealthy – afterwards. Here are some great high fiber filled smoothie recipes for you to check out.

As many people have asked, there is a difference between juicing and blending ingredients – and a huge one for that matter. While leaving the fiber away may seem like a positive thing, it doesn’t nourish the whole body as it should and it also causes significant health problems in the long run. On the other hand, blending them gives you the best of two worlds: you get the nutrients from veggies and fruits while at the same time having them being slowly absorbed in your system with the help of the broken pieces of fiber which will ensure you stay full for a longer of time.